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"Masala Bay's Tandoori Treasure"
Masala Bay ka Tandoori Khazana

"A Feast!"

"Pearls of the Bay"
"Samundari Moti"

Favourites of Birbal!
Birbal Ki Pasand (Vegetarian)

Grain Magic
Basmati ka jadoo

Masala Bay's Tandoori Treasure "Masala Bay ka Tandoori Khazana"

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All our Tandoori dishes are served in sizzler on a sizzler on a bed of vegetable salad.
Recommended accompaniments: Tandoori Bread.

Tandoori cookery began with the nomadic tribes in the steppers of Central Asia and was brought by the Mughul rulers to India. The Tandoori oven is of simple contruction made of special clay from North India, the oven burn mesquite which lends a subtle aroma to the delicately spiced food making it fit for Kings. Meats, fishes are skewered and plunged into the oven one thousand degrees of the ovens. The searing heat traps the spices and natural juices within the food. In addition breads are also baked quickly. This art of cooking has been handled down through the ages and is now popularly known as Tandoori.

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A Feast "Dawat-E-Khas"

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Halal Meat (Lamb, Beef) used in the curry dishes - is boneless and lean; Halal chicken is boneless, skinless, white breast meat.

-Murg Tandoori         $17.99
Spring chicken marinated in red masala cooked in clay oven

-Murg Tikka Makhani         $17.99
An eye pleasing and colorful delicacy of barbequed chicken cooked in fresh tomato and butter sauce, tossed with rich Indian herbs

-Kadai Murg     $17.99
Boneless chicken pieces cooked with special tomato based kadai sauce

-Murg Palaki         $17.99
Boneless chicken cooked with spinach

-Murg Shahi Korma     $17.99
Braised pieces of chicken cooked in a saffron cashew nut gravy. A mild delicacy

-Kashmiri Rogan Josh     $19.99
A delightful lamb curry with a combination of blended spices, herbs, saffron and yogurt

-Gosht Vindaloo     $19.99
Spicy meat dish - lamb or beef

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Pearls of the Bay "Samundari moti" - our very best shrimp curries

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-Kerala Fish Curry $19.99
Tamarind based fish curry with a touch of fresh ginger

-Jheenga Be-Nazeer $19.99
Shrimps cooked in cashew nut, saffron based sauce

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Favourites of Birbal! "Birbal Ki Pasand"

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Birbal: The most honoured courtier of Emperor Akbar's court who was a vegetarian.


-Paneer Korma $15.99
A mild delicacy of cottage cheese made with cashews,poppy and almond sauce

-Kadai Paneer (vegan) $15.99
Cottage Cheese cooked with special tomato based kadai sauce

-Saag (vegan option available) $15.99
Fresh spinach puree with choice of potato and paneer. A classic north Indian dish

-Dal Makhani (vegan option available) $15.99
Black lentils prepared in cream and butter

-Chana Masala (vegan) $15.99
Chick peas prepared in authentic spices with onion and tomato

-Aloo Gobhi (vegan) $15.99
Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in aromatic spices. A dry dish

-Bhindi-Do-Piaza (vegan) $15.99
Okra cooked with abundance of onions

-Matar Paneer $15.99
A combination of cottage cheese and green peas in a cashew nut sauce

-Kadai Baigan (vegan) $15.99
A spicy eggplant dish

-Paneer Makhani (Butter Paneer) $15.99
Tomato and butter based sauce with rich Indian herbs

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Grain Magic "Basmati ka jadoo"

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-Safed Chawal$2.99
Plain white rice

-Rice with Cauliflower, Potatoes and Green Peas $17.99
Pulao rice mixed with assorted vegetable and spices

-Murg Akbar Biryani $17.99
Rice cooked with chicken and spices. A Favourite dish of the Mughal Emperor Akbar

-Gosht Lucknowi Biryani $18.99
Succulent lamb and basmati rice, flavored with saffron and mint

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: Masala Bay signature dish.

: This dish in our opinion contains low fat, low sodium, low cholesterol

Spice Level: : MILD       : MEDIUM       : HOT      
All our dishes can also be made according to your spice taste, just tell the server about the spice level you want

Allergy Alert

All our dishes are cooked using complex mix spices and ingredients. We request you to advise our staff of your food allergies ... Bon appetite

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