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Masala Bay offers both a full open buffet as well as a la carte entrees. Our a la carte menu offers you a selection of the very best Mughlai dishes of the Indian subcontinent. A wide array of specialized regional delicacies, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, is what makes Masala Bay so special and different. Masala Bay is where the journey begins.

Journey through the entire gamut of Indian culinary art with excellent Hyderabadi, Lucknowi and Northern Indian cuisine. Each dish has its own special touch and flavour of Masala (spice) distinct to each particular region. Experience our succulent kebabs and paneer prepared with that special Hyderabadi touch. Dining at Masala Bay is truly an experience to relish.

Mughlai cooking was part of the romance of the old Caravan routes of India travelled by ancient traders and warriors. Over the centuries it has evolved into a fine and distinguished cuisine. The bounty of farm, ocean and garden is transformed through hours of marinating and simmering in handis (large earthenware or metallic pots).

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